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Sample Sale

Reflex - Prisma Dining Table - SALE

Cierre - Eva Sofa - SALE

Pianca - People C Bench And Wall Unit - SALE

Antonello - Fan Coffee Table - SALE

Antonello - Omero Wall Mirror - SALE

Antonello - Zen Coffee Table - SALE

ARA - Floating Plasma Stand - SALE

Ara - White Lacquer with Red Flowers - SALE

Arthur Table with 2 Extensions

Bonaldo - Dragonfly Chair - SALE

Boxx - Large Sofa - SALE

Comfee Lounge Chair - SALE

Divani Sofa Bed - SALE

Jet Set Buffet - SALE

Kiwi Sofas - SALE

Lafer - Gaga Recliner - SALE

Mishell Lounge Chairs - SALE

Mishelle Coffee Table - SALE

Pianca - Duo Sectional - SALE

Pianca - People C Bench TV Base - SALE

Pianca - Sipario Closet - SALE

Pianca - Sipario Walk-in Closet - SALE

Pianca - Spazio 2-Drawer Nightstand - SALE

Pianca - Spazio Entertainment System - SALE

Pixel Sideboard - SALE

QBig Sectional - SALE

Quadro Plasma Stand SALE

Reflex - Kubo Buffet - SALE

Reflex - Mikado Dining Table - SALE

Reflex - Monolite Dining Table - SALE

Reflex - Quartz Buffet - SALE

Pianca - Spazio Wall Unit - SALE

Tonelli - Essenza Mirror - SALE

Tonelli - Mirage Coffee Table - SALE

Tonin Casa - Adele Coffee Table - SALE

Tonin Casa - Aida Coffee Table - SALE

Tonin Casa - Andorra Coffee Table - SALE

Butterfly Sofa Bed - SOLD

Domino Sideboard - SOLD

Don - Queen Size Sofa Bed - SOLD

Eva Sofa Bed with Storage - SOLD

Next 2 Seater - SOLD

Mishell - Revolving Chair - SOLD

Pianca - Spillo Bed - SOLD

Pianca - Impunto Bed - SOLD

Reflex - Vela Coffee Table - SOLD

Tritos XL - 3 Seater with Square Ottoman - SOLD

Tritos XL - Square Ottoman - SOLD

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